Lee Molyneux

  • Role:
    Focusing on the name of the business using effective icon
  • Client:
    Lee Molyneux
  • Time:
    1 - 2 Days
  • Skills:
    Building Personal Brand Identity, Design Concept, and Web Graphics.
  • Industry:
    Coaching and Personality Development
  • Copyright:
    July 20 2012 James Capisinio | All Rights Reserved

A new logo for a  just starting out business start-up in the United Kingdom. The area of business is focusing on providing a personal and professional coaching service to individuals, groups and businesses. Managing the company alone at the moment, but potentially  grow momentarily.

Mix marketing audience :

- Gender types: Male and Female
- Age groups: Mainly adults
- Industry target: No specific niche as yet as coaching can deliver to all.
- Impression: I want to provide a professional, ethical, understanding and trustworthy, confidential image

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