• Role:
    Create design concepts showcasing local talents thru poster as the main material, and sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles and esthetic design concepts.
  • Client:
    SM City Gensan
  • Time:
    1 - 3 Days
  • Skills:
    Logo Design Concept and Design
  • Copyright:
    2013 James Capisinio | All Rights Reserved

The client wanted a badge/logo for the GENSAN’S SUPREME DANCE CREW event which could serve as the official Icon / emblem something, kinda like the purple / bluish color to make it look sophisticated and upscale. Now for the poster the client is looking at something, clean and classy.So the badge + the poster. They provide a pegs for inspiration like Questcrew color and other interesting ideas.

The project was endorsed to me and discussed the interesting event while working hand in hand with the creative director for the event proposal. The event was to showcase City’s best dance crew and talented movers/shakers.The said event was to be judged by Professional Industry dance icon and local best ┬ádance guru.

What I’ve learned from the project task was, I realize that I should follow the standards and metrics from a well known company like a city mall. Following there rules for posting and applying the marketing collateral technically which enlighten me more even to be aware and apply for the next production.

It was a typical workflow and same general approach while,  lucky to work with a Marketing Communications Group
AVP for Mindanao | SM Supermalls and Chief Marketing Officer at Bravo Media. The event was on hold because of the committed lined up events and during that time it was the charter anniversary of the City.Good thing the event was reserved for a spot in good time.

Twas fun and worth while learning experience.

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