• Role:
    Interpreting the client's needs visually and developing a concept to suit their purpose and what they believe.
  • Client:
    Ladd Haverly
  • As seen on:
  • Time:
    1 - 3 Days
  • Skills:
    Design & Identity, Web Graphics
  • Industry:
    Churches, Ministries & Religious Organizations - Industry
  • Copyright:
    2013 James Capisinio | All Rights Reserved

This design is the main logo for a non-denominational Christian church in St. Louis, Missouri.A  fun, family-friendly, loving church known for creative use of multi-media in worship services.

Targeting age 25 to 45 years of age. We emphasize living, growing, and serving. Our mission is to help people discover LIFE in Christ.

One of my all time fav. :)

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