24be253321James is a freelance digital artist based in General Santos City Philippines. He always find himself fascinated in the creative world and solutions for business problems with a number of satisfied clients worldwide and even now he is still doing so.

Back in 2004, when he started his career while he was nonentity that time. He simply started as a volunteer to some projects which essentially honed and enriched his skills that helped him to create outputs today.  Because of this, he then realized that he has this passion for Graphic/Visual Arts and now became his profession. He also entered and won some competitions locally which eventually made him an instant go-to-guy to his clients and then gained favorable interest in the international scene.

He is the real-life character behind SuperDuperJames.  Idieally combining the creative aspects of his craftiness and  identity. He started branding himself with the name SUPERDUPERJAMES prior to all acknowledgements he has gained.  His brand name rhymes with the expression of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for all his creations. And inspired by his all time favorite animation movie Kungfu Panda.

When not pre-occupied, he doodles with a pencil on his ear (his signature antic), and let his creatives flow innately.